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 100 E. Cherry, Carlinville  $139,900                                                                         18525 Garnet Road, Carlinville, $420,000 REDUCED TO $399,900

 Kim Boente, Broker/Realtor® 217-473-5714                                                            Kim Boente, Broker/Realtor® 217-473-5714


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   Lots of room !                                                                                                               Waterfront home!


404 E 2nd South, REDUCED $158,000

Kim Boente, Broker/Realtor® 217-473-5714 


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                Full of character! 4BR / 2BA



    615 Chiles Street, Carlinville, $79,000                                                102 Sherwood Drive, Carlinville  $160,000 REDUCED TO $150,000                                                                                                                                                            PENDING STILL SHOWING           

    Rob Dwinnells, Broker/Realtor®  217  851  7236                                Brenda S. Allen, Managing Broker / Realtor® 217 899 7136

                                                                                                                          CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS                                                                               CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS

         Custom remodel sure to catch                                                                   REDESIGNED TO SELL BY FIRM FOUNDATIONS REALTY                                                             



408 College Avenue, Carlinville, REDUCED $60,000                             934 Johnson Street, Carlinville$67,500

Brenda S. Allen,Managing Broker/Realtor®  217-899-7136                Brenda S. Allen, Managing Broker/Realtor®  217-899-7136                                   


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Brick sidewalk, Mature Shade Trees, Historic Street                               Historic Sears Home



654 Boyscout Road, Hettick~ $52,000 PENDING   CLOSING                                            

Brenda S. Allen,Managing Broker/Realtor®  217-899-7136


Character in a Bungalow = COZY!


               VACANT LOTS

                Lot 4, Campbell's Crossing, Carlinville $32,000                     Lot 8, Campbell's Crossing, Carlinville $32,000

                Rob Dwinnells,Broker/Realtor® 217 851 7236                       Rob Dwinnells, Broker/Realtor®  217 851 7236


                 1 acre lot with underground utilities                                         1 acre lot with underground utilities

                       Owner financing available                                                           Owner financing available

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                Lot 9, Campbell's Crossing $32,000                                       LOT 17B, Campbell's Crossing $40,000

                Rob Dwinnells,Broker/Realtor®  217 851 7236                     Rob Dwinnells, Broker/Realtor® 217 851 7236                                 


                 1 acre lot with underground utilities                                       3.3 acre lot with underground utilities

                       Owner financing available                                                          Owner Financing available

                   CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS                                              CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS

                401 W. First South, Carlinville  $24,900

                Brenda S. Allen,Managing Broker/Realtor® 217-899-7136


                 2 Corner Lots just one block from West Main,

                 one block from Auto Parts, Auto Repair, Auto Sales.

                 Zoned Industrial.

                625 N. Broad Street, Carlinville $80,000 

                Brenda S. Allen,Managing Broker/Realtor® 217-899-7136


                 Large corner lot on high traffic Rt. 4 / S Broad St.

                 Motivated Seller ~ Make Offer!





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