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Thank you for stopping in and checking my office website. If you need some help getting your property sold, I "redesign to sell" so you can get top dollar! First impressions sell houses, just like curb appeal. Call me today so you can see SOLD in your yard.

I am a seasoned agent with local commitment.

 When I represent you in a Real Estate transaction, it is more than business to me.  It is a relationship that is formed of trust and dependability.  I value truth and honesty and find that people today are tired of all the tricks and gimmicks used in selling.  My clients have found my approach refreshing in a world that is so full of dishonest gain.  Clients coming in from out of the area deserve honesty and I guarantee that I will give them top notch treatment in their relocation.  My experiences in life make me a seasoned Agent, not one just full of textbook knowledge.

Hope to hear from you soon!   

                           ~ Brenda 


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  • Explaining details while giving understanding with honesty and fairness
  • Knowing market values being a deputy property tax assessor for 8 years
  • Strong in negotiations, being a Paralegal for our Trucking Company for 8 years and   presently assisting clients with their Attorneys locating discovery docs for trials as well as understanding legal procedures
  • Going the extra mile while being ethical every step of the way
  • Helping to build firm foundations that will last a life time
  • Leaving a trail of satisfied customers

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Remember I can show you anyone office's listings.  If you don't find what you are looking for here in my listings, I can still represent you as your Buyer Agent.  You have a right to representation by an agent of your choice.  Click on my 'Property Listings' or 'All MLS Listings' and see what is for sale and give me a call, text, or email anytime!

As always, thanks for putting your trust in me.

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You will find my Agents very dependable, hard working, and willing to go the extra mile. I wouldn't have it any other way - a few good Agents beats a room full of Agents that don't have the same moral and ethical values that I do any day! 

Check them out on their pages!

Brenda S. Allen, Managing Broker/Owner
17821 Coltallen Drive
Carlinville, Il. 62626
All licensed in Illinois